What Does A Hotel Need To Be 5 Stars?

    The classification of hotels by stars is given by the functionality, size, and aspects that make it special compared to others. Generally, 5 star hotels have a good location and have the highest benefits in hospitality. The hotel prices, according to the stars, are variable as well as the services offered in their accommodation.
    Those responsible for giving this rating from 1 to 5 stars in hotels are the tourist organization of each country. The main factor in giving the hotel a certain number of stars is to see how it performs daily. The location also brings a degree of exclusivity if the hotel is close to tourist areas.
    The choice of the hotel will always rest with the traveler or tourist, but it is ideal for searching according to the classification of its stars. Each hotel has a unique feature such as the wide corridors, free meals, and even discounts for each extra day. 5-star hotels have a higher degree of exclusivity, have few discounts but have an incredible location and food advantages.
    Knowing what category or number of stars in the hotel you want to stay, you only have to see its reference. References or reviews of the hotel you are staying at will show you first how many stars it has. Knowing the number of stars your purchasing value can go up or down depending on the benefits, it will give you in your room.
    Some hotels have an overrated star rating, offering several services that are not available to them. You have to do a lot of research into the hotel where you will be staying and verify that it coordinates its star category with the service it provides. You have to compare the functionality of each of the hotels and choose the one that best suits your needs on the next vacation:
    1 To 3 Star Hotels Features
    In this category, the hotels' functionality is variable; their price rises according to the number of stars acquired. The 1 to 3 star hotels share a common characteristic: they are far from tourist areas. The views in this type of hotel are not exclusive, or they do not even have a window to appreciate the city you visit.
    1-Star Hotels
    This is the lowest classification; they are very affordable hotels with limited services. The rooms are small, with a private bathroom or one shared among several guests, it does not offer good views of the city. The 1-star hotel has simple functionality, no televisions, room service, or room cleaning.
    2 Star Hotels
    In these hotels, you will find varied services as well as an average price depending on the room you choose. Its rooms are spacious; offer a personal bathroom and other services such as wardrobe, television and room service. The hotel's location is central but does not guarantee a great view of the city you visit.
    3 Star Hotels
    you will have a standard service where you will enjoy affordable prices and discounts according to the number of days you stay. The rooms are fully serviced and offer you three meals a day, including a drink service. They are very close to the tourist areas, offering a spectacular view of the city depending on the room you have.
    The price of 1 to 3 star hotels varies depending on the room you have chosen and the extra services you have paid for. The 3-star hotels are the only ones that bring services included with the lodging payment; the other hotels categorize it as "extra services" that you must pay. Hotel services have a degree of exclusivity as do the meals that are within your accommodation.
    The 4 To 5 Star Hotels Will Make The Difference On Your Vacation
    The category in these hotels is the highest; they offer a good location, food, room services, and other benefits. The 4 to 5 star hotels will make the difference in your vacations where your stay in that country will be very rewarding. The staff within these hotels is highly qualified and performs various functions in the bar, kitchen, bellboys, parking lots, and tour guides.
    4 Star Hotels
    They show absolute exclusivity; their location is of the highest category and offers great views of the city or tourist areas. The rooms are spacious and bring bar services, food, cleaning, private bathrooms, television, Jacuzzi, and other unique features. These hotels offer you all the possible comforts at a reasonable price, depending on the type of room you have chosen.
    5 Star Hotels
    They have the highest degree of exclusivity; they are similar to 4-star hotels, except that their room service is more extensive. The 5 star hotels have luxury suites with all the comforts, from Jacuzzi, bar, swimming pools, panoramic views of the city. In addition to offering various room services within the hotel, there are gym areas, dance floors, a bar with the best cocktails.
    Category In Hotel Rooms From 4 To 5 Stars
    The hotels in this classification offer various rooms where their services are maximized or decreased:
    •Deluxe Rooms: it offers all the comforts in the hotel, its rooms are the most spacious and are on the highest floors.
    •Medium Rooms: they offer standard services, and you can acquire other additional functions for your room; they are in the lower-middle area of ​​the hotel. Its rooms are average in size.
    •Simple rooms: they are of the lowest category, they offer a simple room, not very large and with limited services. These rooms are located in the lower area of ​​the hotel and have a nice view of the tourist areas.
    There Are Other Models Of Accommodation To Save Money On Your Vacation
    Although the composition and characteristics offered by hotels from 1 to 5 stars are varied, these are not the only ones. There are half-star or lower hotels where they offer a comfortable room for a busy day of sightseeing. This category includes:
    they are in varied areas, and their price is average, they offer very spacious rooms. The apartments are useful for a large family who need good space and average sleeping comforts. By renting an apartment, you will save a lot of money, be located in a central area, and access various paid services.
    B&B Accommodations
    they are known worldwide for being room rentals in a house equipped for tourists in the city. It is a simple room, very comfortable, and with the advantage of obtaining a daily breakfast. Their daily price is very affordable, and they are in nearby areas of the city center.
    They are mostly half-star hotels offering limited services and comfortable rooms. The price of lodging is very low; they have a standard location where the tourist areas are only blocks away. They are very popular because they help you get to know the city; in reality, many young people stay looking to save money every year.
    These lodging sites give you the possibility to save money while enjoying a service similar to 2-star hotels. The rooms available to them are very comfortable, and the services vary according to the accommodation. There are more and more people who prefer an apartment or hostel for their vacations than category hotels.
    Most category hotels are overrated; their payment rates are very high for the service they provide. As a tourist, you have the right to choose where to stay, compare prices and amenities, and make a smart choice. Have an incredible vacation by staying in a safe, cheap place that guarantees good services.
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